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PKL Universitas IGM Completed, Students Provide Advice and Improvement to Schools

Jum'at, 03 Juni 2022

Students of the English Education Study Program have completed the implementation of Professional Placement (PKL) for two months at the designated school.
Head of English Education Study Program Universitas IGM, Badriyah Ulfah, S.Pd, M.Pd said, after the PKL, they had to provide reports related to their work experience at SD Plus IGM, SMP LTI IGM, and SMA LTI IGM.
During PKL, she said, students studied school management, school operations, libraries, laboratories, and school administration. This is the first step before they get into the world of employment later.
On campus, they were tested to account for their PKL paper in front of lecturers, regarding what they got and did. This includes providing suggestions and solutions to the issues they encounter during PKL," Badriyah told IGMTVnews.com on Thursday (6/2/2022).
She exemplified several findings such as administrative problems related to student and teacher dapodik (education main data), and problems in the library related to book data that was accidentally caught in two. "Students provide advice and participate in improvements of school operations," she emphasized.
By participating in this PKL, students can feel the atmosphere of the workforce before they finish their studies on campus.
"This is also an input to contribute an advice from Universitas Indo Global Mandiri to the schools," she concludes. (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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