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Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Employee Class Program 2022 Officially Begins

Senin, 21 Maret 2022

Indo Global Mandiri University (IGM) has officially started working on studies for the employee class program for the 2022 academic year.
The Opening of learning process started with PKKMB (new students adaptation to the new environment) 2022 which was centered in the III Floor Hall, B building, Sudirman Campus, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, Saturday (19/3/2022). With the topic of Building Human Capital with Integrity and Innovative Character, in the Freedom to Learn era, PKKMB is the first step for this employee class.
Vice Rector III of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri(IGM) Prof. Erry Yulian T Adesta stated that learning is something that must be done optimally.
It has to be fun. Education must be carried out along lifetime There is no stopping for education," said Erry when opening the PKKMB for the 2022 Employee Class Program.
According to this year is the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The implementation of PKKMB and learning activity still cannot be carry out face to face. Even though COVID-19 will end, students must also be prepared to accept new teaching methods in the future.
He also emphasized that learning is not only obtained from the classroom but could be from anywhere. Whatever the background is, he continued, this is the first step for a learning process and becoming a successful person.
As a facilitator, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) will be ready and committed to helping students reach their success in the future, following the motto Your Success is Our Commitment.
"Of course, the barometer comes from each individual. Instill the intention to be able to give the best. Welcome to Universitas IGM. Hopefully, may become a blessing and can contribute to this nation and country," he concluded.

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