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Mind Collaboration - Work Spirit is Key to Entrepreneurial Success at a Young Age

Jum'at, 17 Juni 2022

Several alumni of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) who were successful in entrepreneurship shared their tips and tricks with Universitas IGM students at the Alumni Back to Campus seminar, to shared work experience and knowledge.
They shared and exchanged their experiences on how to start a business and succeed in becoming an entrepreneur.
Universitas IGM students carefully listen to explanations from these speakers such as Hajj/Umrah Travel Entrepreneurs and Founder of Education Foundation Danila Muhammad Yusuf, Amd, S.Ps, Commissioners and Founder of the Indonesian Charity Foundation Agung Bahari, ST, M.Si and one of Lecturer Universitas IGM Dwi Asa Verano, S.T, M, Kom.
According to Muhammad Yusuf, Amd, S.Ps, students must make the best study time and enjoy the facilities provided by the campus. During their studies, students must develop their hard skills comes with soft skills such as their other languages mastery.
Take part in every student activity on campus. Find as much experience as you can before going into the work field, she says.
Not merely that, all the hard work that has been done is also because of the parent's prayers and giving more alms, the same thing was also emphasized by Agung Bahari. To be a successful entrepreneur, students should never be afraid to try something new. Never be afraid to fail. Evaluate, find creative ideas and parents' blessings. Less sleep and more thinking and working, he concluded.(Andhiko Tungga Alam / Translated By M. Dzulfiqor Ammar)

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