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Public Awareness and Interest in Booster Vaccination at Universitas IGM COVID-19 Task Force is Still High

Senin, 04 Juli 2022

Even though the COVID-19 rate is decreasing, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) COVID-19 Task Force keeps prioritizing health protocols as usual.
Collaborate with Koramil 418-06, Universitas IGM Covid-19 task force, and STEBIS IGM once again held a 3 (booster) dose vaccination for students, alumni, high school students of LTI IGM, and open for public, Thursday (6/30/2022) Centered in third floor Hall, B building of Sudirman Campus.
There were at least, 222 people have been vaccinated.
The head of the COVID-19 Task Force of Universitas IGM, M Fadhiel Alie, B.I.T, M.T.I said if at this time the Covid-19 transmission chart again rose quite significantly. For this reason, anyone in the campus environment is required to keep the health protocols in place.
The rules still require three vaccines to travel freely out of town. A lot of people are still enthusiastic about participating in the vaccine program, just need a vaccine convener. And we are ready for that, stated Fadhiel, Monday (7/4/2022).
According to him, at this time the Task Force still ranks people who still want to participate in vaccination. He assessed that the level of public awareness was still quite high, this can be seen from the target set which is 50 but the participants' interest reached 222 people.
The UIGM task force continues to comply with government regulations and follow the covid-19 national transmission chart.
Moreover, the vaccination program continues, adapting to WHO and other countries. This is quite significant progress. The government urges us not to wear masks in open spaces. Most importantly, stay aware and keep following the recommendations issued by the government, he said.
Even within the Universitas IGM, he urged to keep the health protocols inside the room, following government orders that only allow maskless in open spaces.(andhiko tungga alam/zulfiqor Ammar)

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