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Don't Forget the Almamater and Keep Learning, the UIGM Rector Advised to the Hundreds of Graduates

Senin, 25 Juli 2022

In front of hundreds of graduates, the Rector of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, Dr H Marzuki Alie personally, and the UIGM academic members congratulated all graduates who had completed studies at UIGM at the D3, S1, and S2 levels. He mentioned that the graduation that graduates today, is not the end of the learning process.
But it's the beginning of a journey into living the future, getting prepared for a better future, and successfully realizing dreams. The knowledge obtained through studies has been the essential capital in living life outside university. The challenges of the outside college world are far more multi-faceted in their quality, quantity, and difficulty level. What must be anticipated in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 today, is the resumption of very rapid changes, marked by the utilization of digital technology in all aspects of life.
Many professions, industries, and businesses that early play an important role, suddenly the profession was no longer needed. But otherwise, there are new professions that are faster, superior, and digital-based that dissipate the old ones.

Therefore, never stop to learn, and rapidly adapt to environmental changes, so that we can survive in every era, he said in his speech at the XV Senate-Assembly Commencement
After graduation, he hopes that UIGM alumni can continue to build dreams and realize ideals. Because during the study, students begin to fill and complete competencies to realize these ideas. He also advised all UIGM alumni to build collaboration in creating something big.
Show unyielding spirit and surrounded by parent's prayer. Parent's pleasures are God's pleasure, whatever is done, ask for the parent's prayers, especially your mother. As hard as it is, with a mother's prayer, everything will be easy. Once again congratulations on graduation today, he concluded.(andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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