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Global Radio - IGMTVnews.com Participates in Fact Check Training for Radio Journalists Together with Google News Initiative

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2022

Alliance of Independent Journalists Palembang (AJI) supported the Google News Initiative and AJI Indonesia organized fact-checking training for radio journalists.
The fun seems the training lasts for two days, it is even more interesting because the tools delivered by the trainer are very effective in revealing the truth of information and news.
Chairman of AJI Palembang, Prawira Maulana said that this fact check training was a routine activity carried out by AJI with the support of GNI. This time, the training targeted radio journalists who were also at the forefront of delivering information based on facts and disputing false news or hoaxes, he said, when closing the training held on August 20-21, 2022, Sunday (8/21/2022).
He revealed with more people attending fact-checking training, is expected to minimize the spread of misinformation and disinformation. The training was presented by trainers Edho Sinaga from AJI Pontianak and Phesy Callyna from AJI Bengkulu.
Edho explained that the spread of false news can certainly be anticipated by optimizing the role of journalists in conveying rebuttal to the spread of misinformation and disinformation.
We convey various tools that can be used in checking facts so that it can prove the truth of information circulating so that radio listeners are enlightened, he said. He added, fact-checking is done not only from information submitted including articles or writings but also from photos and videos.
Training is done by optimizing Google tools and other tools that can be utilized in addition to conventional methods.
Scholarships for Radio
In addition to being followed by several national and local radio journalists in Sumsel, Global Radio and IGMTVnews.com were also among the participants. In fact-checking training for radio journalists, google news provides coverage scholarships or fellowships for radio journalists who take part in the training.
We allocated Rp 9 million per radio to support fact-check-based information programs on two radios, said staff from AJI Indonesia, Naharin.
Please feel free to make a proposal submission so that the fact-checking program that they will implement on the radio gets funding support from us, he said. The fact-checking trainees for Palembang radio journalists were followed by eight radio journalists, among them Sonora, RRI, Elshinta, and Global Radio.(andhiko tungga alam/zulfiqor Ammar)

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