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Andina Julie: I'm glad I can study at Universitas IGM, I'm grateful for the support provided by the campus

Selasa, 08 Maret 2022

Miss Grand Indonesia 2022, Andina Julie claim that she is proud and happy to have the opportunity to study at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM).
This statement was mentioned in Helmy Yahya's podcast when Helmy Yahya spoke with Miss Grand Indonesia 2022. In the headline "Cinderella's Story from Gelumbang", both of them discussed and told how Andina's daily life, her family, her dreams and her hopes for the future.
For 33 minutes the conversation looks relaxed and light. Even, the two of them occasionally make jokes with their local language, Palembang, the birthplace of Andina and Helmy Yahya.
"Are you not ashamed and insecure with your background, who comes from a simple family environment in the countryside?" asked Helmy.
"Absolutely not. This is a gift from God to be grateful for. It could be a way from God that makes me struggle to raise my family name better. Instead, I got support from my family, even from the campus, said Andina Julie.
She also claimed that she was grateful for the full support from the campus. "I got an educational scholarship from Universitas Indo Global Mandiri in Palembang," said Andina again.
"It belongs to Mr Marzuki Ali," said Helmy Yahya, smiling.
As stated by the student of Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics, Universitas IGM, she feels grateful for the appreciation given by the academic community of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri who provide opportunities for her to be able to continue her studies as well as reach the peak of her career in the modelling. "Of course, I feel happy and proud. can be a part of the Miss Grand Indonesia event. This is a new and big responsibility to bring Indonesia's name go to the international. I hope to provide the best results for South Sumatra, Indonesia and of course to the Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, " she said.
Before the awarding night, she claimed that she keep on making preparations to perform optimally. Starting from public speaking, how to communicate well, makeup training, and catwalks. "And the most important thing is that mentality must be prioritized," she concluded. (andhiko tungga alam/zulfiqor Ammar)

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